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Combet urges Labor to bring back the carbon tax

Former Climate Change Minister Greg Combet has urged Labor to bring back the painful and destructive carbon tax. As architect of Labor’s carbon tax, Mr Combet was charged with the task of implementing Julia Gillard’s broken carbon tax promise. Mr Combet says that using a carbon tax to slug households with higher electricity and ga... read more »

Transcript, ABC Radio National, Interview with Alison Carabine

E&OE….                        Topics: Carmichael mine approval ALISON CARABINE:         Greg Hunt, good morning. GREG HUNT:           Good morni... read more »

People power behind tax's repeal

Op Ed appeared in Hobart Mercury 29th July 2014 Indulging in symbolism without results is nothing short of vanity. The carbon tax is gone because it was an impost on households and business for no meaningful gain.  We repealed the tax for two fundamental reasons. It was our commitment to the Australian people – we were elected on a... read more »

Transcript, ABC Queensland Country Hour, Interview with Craig Zonca

E&OE….                       Topics: Carmichael Coal Mine approval CRAIG ZONCA:      Well, the man who has given the green light to Adani's Carmichael mine project is Greg Hunt, the Federal Environment M... read more »

Transcript, 2CC Canberra, Interview with Mark Parton

E&OE….                       Topics: Coalition’s environmental election commitments, work for the dole, MH17 MARK PARTON:    He joins us on the line right now for a Monday. Hello Greg. GREG HUNT:  ... read more »
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